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A/C & Refrigeration Controls

Posted By matt rifaldi

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Electrical Controls

Labtech has designed a special flexible training system for the teaching of refrigeration and air conditioning electrical controls. The program covers the operation, use and wiring of refrigeration and air conditioning controls, compressors, electrical motors and basic electrical installation. It consists of real industrial components mounted on to clear Plexiglas panels which are then inserted into the special frame.
Model Number: RAC-AC SERIES

Compressor Troubleshooting Board

This trainer enables the student to practice and enhance his fault diagnostic and troubleshooting skills on compressor. The trainers are available for three types of compressors with controls that can input up to 16 faults into the system.
Model Number: RAC-PCF SERIES

A/C refrigeration Controls
Computer Data Acquisition System for Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Trainers

This data acquisition system is especially designed to give added capability for experimentation and for the monitoring the system performance on several of our air conditioning and refrigeration training systems. Temperature, refrigerant flow, refrigerant pressure, air flow and electrical consumption can all be viewed and the data stored.
Model Number: RAC-DAS-1

A/C Refrigeration Control
Blower Fan Training Unit and Control

The Labtech Blower Fan training unit provides a flexible learning platform for which students can study and appreciate the electrical connections for STAR/DELTA electrical motor starting systems and at the same time understand how the Variable Speed Drives (VSD) are connected and how it can influence the speed of the blower fan motor.
Model Number: RAC-BFT-1

Electronic Control Trainer for Refrigeration Air Con

This trainer demonstrates the principles of electronic controllers that are used A/C and refrigeration especially for temperature control. It features a panel mounted controller that has been specially developed for control systems in refrigeration and heat plants so that operation, setting and programming are optimized and simplified as much possible. The unit comes in a portable case with all diagrams, instructions and accessories for operation.
Model Number: RAC-RTC-1