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Automotive Air Conditioning

Posted By matt rifaldi

Auto Air Conditioner Trainer (After Market Type)

This Automotive Air Conditioner Trainer consists of an aftermarket type air conditioning unit mounted on to a simulated auto chassis. This system is ideal for training in the operation, maintenance, repair and trouble shooting of automotive air conditioners. Unit comes complete with service and maintenance manual as well as job sheets for student exercises.
Model Number: HC-AC1-T

Advanced Automotive Air Conditioning (Demonstration Unit)

This demonstration unit is designed for demonstration of the operation and performance of automotive air-conditioning systems. The performance characteristics of the air-con can be simulated and results observed under various operating conditions including trouble shooting. Basic thermodynamic experiments may also be performed by recording and monitoring the data given by the instrumentation.
Model Number: HC-AC2-T

Automotive Air Conditioning
Automotive Air Conditioning Pumps

These Automotive Air Conditioning Pumps are useful for variety of purposes within the classroom and workshop. Both operable units and sectioned units are available for rotary or piston type compressors. The operable pumps are fully functional and are available either New (N) or Reconditioned (R) and can be mounted on wooden bases if desired. Internal operations are demonstrated by rotating the pump mechanism with a hand crank.
Model Number: HC-APA-1

Engine Driven Auto Air Conditioning Trainer

This Automotive Air Conditioning Trainer realistically simulates the operation of an air conditioning system for a typical automobile. The performance characteristics can be observed under various operating conditions. The unit is ideal for training in the operation, maintenance, performance, repair and trouble shooting of automotive air conditioning systems.
Model Number: HC-AC3-T

Auto Air Conditioning Trainer with Original Dashboard

This unit is our most advanced trainer for automotive air conditioning systems. It realistically simulates the complete A/C systems found in today’s automobiles. The air handling system includes blowers, vents, compressor, evaporator, condenser and controls exactly as per the vehicle’s original factory installation. It is the best solution for training technicians in the operation, service and repair of factory installed automotive A/C systems.
Model Number: HC-AC4-T

Air Conditioning Trainer for Large Vehicles

These air conditioning trainers have been developed to allow training on split type A/C systems that are commonly fitted to buses and large trucks. They are designed to clearly demonstrate the function and operation of these large systems with a special emphasis on controls, maintenance and troubleshooting. The components are mounted on a large mobile work platform, which allows clear visibility and easy access to the system for training.
Model Number: HC-BAC SERIES

Computer Data Acquisition System for Auto Air Conditioning Trainers

This data acquisition system enhances experimentation and monitoring of system performance on several of our automotive A/C training systems. Temperature, compressor speed, refrigerant flow, refrigerant pressure, air flow and electrical consumption can all be viewed and the data stored. The system consists of a PC Computer with the data acquisition software pre-installed.
Model Number: HC-DAS-1

Sectioned Automotive Air Conditioning System

This sectioned set contains all the major parts of a modern automotive A/C system. It includes the A/C pump, the condenser, the evaporator, filter drier, expansion valve and connecting hoses. The set is mounted on a base with the components arranged in a easy to view fashion and connected together by the appropriate hoses to show the system flow. The unit comes with a graphic diagram on the automotive A/C process.
Model Number: HC-ACS-1

Automotive Half Air Conditioning Car Trainers

These series of trainers are based on half cut car bodies which have been fully reconditioned and specially modified for training. These units facilitate the training of the participant to understand the major principles concerning operation and service of vehicles.. The student can understand both the integration & operation of the car engine with the electrical, braking, steering, suspension and air conditioning systems.
Model Number: HC-HCT-1