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Commercial Refrigeration & A/C

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Commercial Refrigeration Trainer

The Commercial Refrigeration Trainer is designed for comprehensive and advanced work studies involving industrial and commercial refrigeration systems. The trainer enables in-depth studies and demonstrates the principles of commercial refrigeration and further studies about the components and operational characteristics of commercial refrigerators, freezers, and cold rooms.
Model Number: RCO-CRT SERIES

Industrial Refrigeration Trainer

The Industrial Refrigeration Trainer enables students to learn advanced techniques and familiarize them with systems used on larger industrial refrigeration systems. Applications are explored for units that utilize multiple evaporators, water-cooled condensers, water towers, electric defrost, hot-gas defrost, crank case regulators, oil separators etc. Labtech Refrigeration & Air conditioning trainers emphasize theory as well as the practical.
Model Number: RCO-IRT SERIES

Air Conditioning with Heat Pump Trainer

This trainer has been designed to enable students to learn principles of the thermodynamic cycle of a heat pump. The trainer can simulate the use of a heat pump in either winter or summer sessions, depending on the cycle selected the position of the 4-way reversing valve will determine if the refrigerant expansion takes place “indoors” or “outdoors”. Labtech Refrigeration and Air Conditioning trainers emphasize theory as well as the practical.
Model Number: RCO-HPT

Commercial Air Conditioning Trainers

These trainers allow students to experiment with and control a typical commercial type installation for a smaller sized industrial application such as water-cooled, package or water chiller systems. These systems are used to generate cooled air or water that can be used in a variety of applications for air conditioning, refrigeration or as a sub-system for improving the efficiency or performance of other systems.
Model Number: RCO-WCT SERIES

Centrifugal Fan Air & Ducting Trainer

This trainer is a flexible learning platform for exploring air flow and characteristics common to HVAC applications which use centrifugal fans and ducting. It consists of a multipurpose air duct mounted on a trolley fitted with a centrifugal fan. The ducting is made from either galvanized steel or melamine coated wood. We offer multiple options for diffusers, ducting joints, and filters, as well as temperature, air flow, and humidity measurement.
Model Number: RCO-ADU

Compound Refrigeration System Trainer

This trainer allows the student to experiment with and control a Compound Two-Stage Compressor Application. Compound multi stage systems are typically used where ultra low temperatures are desired but cannot be economically obtained through the use of a single stage system. This is because the compression ratios would be too high to get the necessary evaporating and condensing vapor temperatures.
Model Number: RCO-CRS-1

Cascade Refrigeration System Trainer

This trainer allows the student to experiment with and control a Cascade (Multi stage) Compressor Application. Cascade systems are typically used where ultra low temperatures are desired but cannot be economically obtained through the use of a single stage system. In industrial applications cryogenic temperatures can even be achieved with this type of system.
Model Number: RCO-CCS-1

Cold Room & Freezer Room Trainers

Labtech offers specialty “walk-in” Cold or Freezer Room Training Systems made from actual commercial refrigeration systems. These systems have been modified to meet the needs of training labs and workshops and are ideal for exploring the operational and functional characteristics typical of such Systems. Principles of operation may be demonstrated as well as servicing exercises and troubleshooting conducted.
Model Number: RCO-SRT SERIES

Ice Maker Trainer

The Labtech Ice Maker Trainers have been especially designed for instruction in the operation of refrigeration systems that produce Ice Cubes. It is able to simulate system under a variety of conditions and includes a chamber for ice making. Two sizes are available: a compact unit for studying smaller applications such as home or restaurants, and a larger Commercial Unit that is more typical of larger industrial applications.
Model Number: RCO-ICM-1

Multiple Compressor Refrigeration Control

This trainer is for demonstration of the combined operation of compressors. In high capacity refrigeration systems several compressors are often used in combination to deliver higher output with variable capacity to meet changed load conditions. This compound system is controlled via a regulator so that individual compressors can be switched in, depending on the performance required.
Model Number: RCO-MCC

Central Air Conditioning System Trainers

Labtech provides several types of educational central air conditioning training systems that are typically used either in residential, commercial or industrial applications. These systems are normally used for cooling large areas or central type air conditioning applications. It consists of an air handling unit with several different types of cooling systems, an outdoor unit or cooling tower, a ducting system and a control panel.
Model Number: RCO-CAC

VRV Air Conditioning Trainer (Build Up Type)

The Variable Refrigerant Volume Air Conditioning Trainer Systems incorporate the latest in air conditioning technology with innovative educational design features that allow for comprehensive understanding of these systems. VRV systems are lightweight and modular for easier and non-invasive installations. The modular design allows easy integration of more outdoor units and indoor units according to future requirements of the building.
Model Number: RCO-VRV-1

VRV Air Conditioning Trainer

These trainers are designed to demonstrate the operation and performance of Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) type air conditioning. The student can follow the refrigeration cycle, explore the lay out and function of all major components and controls, review installation procedures, and perform servicing and troubleshooting exercises. The trainer is a fully operational unit including all the basic components as found on VRV.
Model Number: RCO-VCA-A

Series and Parallel Pump Test Set

This self contained bench top unit consists of two independent sets of centrifugal pumps. By manipulating flow control valves, each pump can be operated individually or connected, in series or parallel, to measure flow rate, head, power input and efficiency at various speeds. The measurement of relevant process parameters with electronic sensors allows the data to be acquired by a PC with the included data acquisition and analysis software.
Model Number: TDS-RPP-1

Industrial Cooling Plant With Ice Store Trainer

The Trainer has been specially designed for demonstration of industrial cooling plant systems with Ice Stores. The system comprises three moveable flexibly laid out modules that can be joined by hoses. The basic module is to contain along with the usual refrigeration components, a brine circuit with intermediate tank and as a special feature an ice store that can provide storage over an extended period. The two other modules contain a wet cooling tower unit and a dry cooling tower unit.
Model Number: RCO-ICP-A

Industrial Cooling Plant With Ice Store Trainer

Most of building services engineering use ventilation systems to control the required air change rates in the individual rooms. The RCO-VTS-A ventilation system has a built-in water to air heat exchanger to provide heating or cooling mode. Air humidity control also can be done in a ventilation system as a preliminary stage for an air conditioning system. The system is assembled from standard industrial components that used in air conditioning and ventilation systems. Clear acrylic windows are provided in the air duct line and Air Handling Unit (AHU) to show the components that are normally hidden such as filters, heat exchanger (heaters/coolers), manual damper, etc.
Model Number: RCO-VTS-A