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Brake, Steering & Suspension

Posted By matt rifaldi

Sectioned Front Suspension Steering Units

These are complete front end units of vehicle that are ideal for demonstrating the operation and interaction of steering and suspension mechanisms. Through the use of these trainers, students may be exposed to the function of the stabilizer, shock absorbers, steering linkages, suspension systems, areas of alignment and adjustment, operation of brakes and more.
Model Number: TBS-SSW-1

Shock Absorber Test Stand

This trainer is a modern up-to-date demonstration system and test stand for suspension and shock absorbers featuring a computer for data acquisition of test data and analysis of results. The trainer explores the construction and performance of shock absorbers as well as the operation and characteristics of suspensions.
Model Number: BS-SAT

Suspension and Shock Absorber Trainer

This trainer is designed to demonstrate the theory and operational characteristics of today’s modern suspension systems, which feature computer-controlled damping systems. It uses real automotive components to demonstrate the suspension damping control in car as well as dynamic analysis on the vehicle as it is in breaking – acceleration – motion on bends – motion on different road condition.
Model Number: BS-SAT-1

Front Wheel Alignment Trainer

This trainer has been specially designed to teach the principles of alignment in modern passenger cars. It features an original front of end of a vehicle which has been specially modified to facilitate instruction. A number of gauges and tools are included which resemble actual alignment equipment so that the student may make appropriate measurements and actually perform the real alignment process.
Model Number: TBS-FAS-1

Original Front Suspension Steering Units

These are complete original front end steering and suspension units which are intended for skill training exercises involving the maintenance and repair of automobile front end steering and suspension. Units are reconditioned so as all parts are fully operable and have been cleaned and painted. Many types of front end units are available and may be ordered with or without stands.
Model Number: TBS-SSW-1

Front Axle Steering Geometry Trainer

This trainer consists of a scale model front end of a vehicle that incorporates original and simulated parts in order to create the overall mechanism similar in function to an automobile front end steering system. It can be used to clearly demonstrate the theory of alignment, the adjustment movement of the wheel, and the measurement of the adjustment.
Model Number: TBS-FSG-1

Hydraulic Dual Circuit Brake System

This demonstration board shows the design and function of a hydraulic dual circuit brake system. The demonstration board is designed so that the brake system is fully operational. When the brake pedal is depressed, the hydraulic circuit is activated which controls the drum and disc brake. While the brakes are in operation the brake light is illuminated.
Model Number: TBS-HD

Hydraulic Brake Chassis Trainer

This trainer is designed for student skills training in the operation, installation, maintenance and repair of hydraulic brake systems. The unit consists of original automotive components which are mounted into a simulated model auto chassis. The chassis includes an integrated floor stand that is mounted on wheels for mobility. A color schematic chart of the brake system and circuit is mounted onto the trainer for reference.
Model Number: BS-BAC SERIES

Anti-Lock Braking System Trainer (ABS)

This Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) Trainer is designed to demonstrate the theory and operational characteristics of today’s modern braking systems, which feature computer controlled anti-locking or skid-control systems. The Labtech ABS trainers have been designed with the cooperation of a number of companies, which are leaders in the manufacturing of ABS systems.
Model Number: BS-ABS SERIES

Pneumatic Air Brake Trainer

This Pneumatic Air Brake Trainer provides a comprehensive system whereby students may study and understand the principles, operational theory and maintenance of air brake systems found on trucks or large vehicles. Original components are used throughout the trainer and they feature quick connection couplings with color-coded pneumatic hoses.
Model Number: TBS-CB1-T

Power Steering Trainers

Labtech produces two types of power steering trainers to demonstrate the principles and operation of power steering systems. In both trainers an electrical motor drives the hydraulic pump with belt drive. An ampere meter provides an indication of the load and an in-line hydraulic pressure gauge monitors the hydraulic fluid circuit. A resistance mechanism provides realistic operation and gives a load to the hydraulic circuit.
Model Number: BS-PSU-T SERIES

Power Steering Components

Labtech offers a variety of systems and components to meet the training requirements of this skill area. There are two types of power steering units (PSU) in use today: 1) a self-contained unit which is a hydraulic control valve that actuates the built-in Pitman shaft, and 2) a linkage type unit which features a separate hydraulic control and power cylinder functioning in combo with standard manual steering gear in order to provide power steering.
Model Number: TBS-PSA-1

Manual Steering Gear Assembly

The Manual steering gear is an important component in the vehicle steering system. A variety of designs and systems are used in different vehicles on the market today. Labtech offers original operable, or sectioned units of the most common types for instruction. The operable units are ideal for demonstration, dismantling exercises, exhibits or replacement parts.
Model Number: TBS-SG-1

Vacuum-Servo Master Brake Cylinder

The fully functional, sectioned vacuum-servo master brake cylinders are excellent for demonstrating the operational principles of the vacuum assist process. Key components have been carefully sectioned including the power chamber, booster diaphram, slave cylinder, valves and fluid reservoirs. A handle is attached to the pumping mechanism to demonstrate the function.
Model Number: TBS-MBS-1

Brake Master Cylinders

Both single circuit (single stage) or tandem circuit brake master cylinders are available from Labtech. They may be ordered operable or sectioned and are useful for a variety of purposes within the classroom or workshop. The operable units are fully functional and are available either new or used and can be mounted on a wooden base if desired.
Model Number: TBS-MB-1

Sectioned Hydraulic Brake Units

The major types of hydraulic brakes are available from Labtech as sectioned models, which are very useful in the classroom for demonstrating the different types of brake construction and operation. Each unit consists of one complete brake which has been carefully sectioned in order to expose all key internal parts and is mounted on a wooden base plate.
Model Number: TBS-MSB-1

Brake Training Boards

The brake training boards are designed for demonstration of brake operation and also for student skills training. Many exercises can be carried out on these training boards, such as inspection of brakes, removing/replacing shoes and pads, brake adjustment, removing/replacing hoses and tubing, brake bleeding, servicing wheel cylinders and calipers.
Model Number: TBS-BTB-1

Brake,Steering & Suspension Trainer
Shock Absorber Unit

These common types of shock absorbers are available as original components or as sectioned models for classroom demonstration purposes. The shock absorbers are individually attached on a board and secured using original shock absorber bushings. Sectioned units have been cut to expose all key internal parts to reveal internal functions and operational characteristics.
Model Number: TBS-SAH-1

Electromechanical Parking Brake

This trainer allows student to understand how rear-wheel brake actuators work and electromechanical parking brake works. Sensors and actuators in an electromechanical parking brake. Understanding Parking brake function. Dynamic pull-away assistant and emergency brake function. Understanding how brake boosters and hydraulic brakes work. Interpretation and use of technical documentation. Experimental investigation of the various functions for improved understanding. Assembly, configuration and testing of mechanical components.
Model Number: ABS-EPB-1