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Engine Components & Accessories

Posted By matt rifaldi

Assorted Engine Components

Labtech offers a variety of engine components available either in sectioned or original form. The sectioned units have been carefully cut to expose all key internal features. They have been brightly painted so as to present a nice appearance. Original parts are either reconditioned or new and can be used for classroom or workshop exercises.
Model Number: TEC-EBA-1

Original Oil Pump

These are original gear type lubricating oil pumps and oil filters of the kind found in most petrol and diesel engines. These original pumps and filters are available in operable form or sectioned. Operable units are available either loose or mounted on a base plate and are suited for workshop practice exercises or as replacement parts.
Model Number: TEC-OPN-1

Sectional Instructional Engine Components

Labtech produces a wide range of sectioned items and components that are ideally suited for classroom instruction. With the aid of these items the student is able to view the details of construction, operation principles and characteristics of the units. Each item is carefully sectioned to expose key internal parts. Details of the sectioned areas are color coded and painted in an attractive manner.
Model Number: TEC-SEC-1