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Engine Testing – Dynamometers

Posted By matt rifaldi

Labtech Modular Dynamometer Systems

The Labtech Modular Dynamometer System (MDS) comes in several configurations for engine testing and the study of thermodynamics. The dynamometers are specially designed to utilize our Modular Engine Test Beds for engine testing (EP-TBL or ED-TBL). The Labtech system provides the same capability as traditional dynamometer test stands, but with a new concept that allows the entire system to be mobile and extremely flexible.
Model Number: ET-DHB-1

Engine testing-Dynamometer
Hydraulic Engine Dynamometer

These Hydraulic Dynamometers are part of our Modular Dynamometer System (MDS) that is designed to operate with our Engine Test Beds (EP-TBL & ED-TBL). It is a good solution for schools needing to test multiple engines in a lab as the system is able to quickly connect to our engine test beds. This enables the lab to have one dynamometer and multiple engine test beds with various models of petrol or diesel engines.
Model Number: TET-DHB-1

Hydraulic Engine Dynamometer Data Acquisition System

Labtech has developed a special data acquisition system ideally suited for our hydraulic engine dynamometers. It is designed to extend the range of experiments and to provide a more detailed analysis of the engine performance. The computer system is set up to monitor and record key data values such as engine speed, torque, multiple temperature points, fuel flow, air flow and others.
Model Number: TET-DAS-1

Engine Test Bed Modifications for Advanced Modular Dynamometer System (MDS) Applications

The standard Labtech Engine Test Beds (ED-TBL or EP-TBL) can be modified with the TBX option so as to support the advanced experiments conducted with the Modular Dynamometer System. By including the TBX option in your order for our test beds, Labtech will modify the unit to be totally compatible with the advanced features that lead into the study of thermodynamics.
Model Number: TET-TBX-1

Dynamometer (MDS) Optional Equipment and Labtech Hydraulic Dynamometer Manual

We offer a host of optional equipment and measurement devices to be used in conjunction with the Labtech Modular Dynamometer System (MDS). Furthermore, our manual includes complete classroom instruction and experiments to be used with the Labtech Modular Dynamometer System (MDS).
Model Number: TET-DOE-1