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Instructional Aids

Posted By matt rifaldi

Illuminated Interactive Training Panels

Our illuminated panel training systems are unique in design and clearly demonstrate operational and construction details for mechanical and electrical systems. High quality color A1 sized diagrams are integrated with an electronic microcontroller system. Microprocessor controlled LED’s illuminate the various processes and adds movement to the mechanical and electrical systems.
Model Number: TIA-EDB-1

Front Axle Geometry Trainer/ Engine Compression Ratio

The Front Axle Geometry Trainer can be used to set and adjust the various aspects of front axle steering geometry and then observe the results by rolling it on the ground to simulate a moving vehicle. The Engine Compression Ratio Plexiglas model features a model piston, connecting rod and crankshaft displayed to simulate the original movement within the engine.
Model Number: TIA-FAG-1

Transmission Principle Trainer

This training system introduces the student to the operational principles of transmissions. The set consists of a base frame onto which components (pulleys, gears, etc.) can be mounted for demonstration and experimentation. Interchangeable components are provided in sets to cover the main types of systems for the mechanical transmission of power: gears, pulleys and chains.
Model Number: TIA-TPT-1

Steering Linkage Teaching Aid / Parallel Crank Mechanism

The Steering Linkage Teaching Aid is a classroom demonstration aid that is large enough for a group of students. It consists of a mock-up for the wheels and basic steering linkage system of a vehicle. The Parallel Crank Mechanism is a Plexiglas model of the basic elements of a windshield wiper motor and mechanism which is mounted on a table top base.
Model Number: TIA-SLT-1

Two Stroke or Four Stroke Petrol Engine Instruction Model

These two models (2 stroke and 4 stroke) are designed for classroom demonstration of the 2 cycle (stroke) or 4 cycle engine operation and combustion process. Its design is based upon an air cooled single cylinder petrol engine which is commonly used in small stationary engines and motor cycles. Operation is demonstrated by rotating the crank shaft utilizing the hand wheel.
Model Number: TIA-12P-1

Epicyclic Instruction Model / Differential Gear Model

The Epicyclic Instruction Model demonstrates the operational principles of epicyclic gear systems. The Differential Gear Model is a scale model reproduction of a rear axle with a complete and operating differential gear system.
Model Number: TIA-ECG-1

Gear Box with Clutch Model / Steering Gear Instruction Model

The Gear Box with Clutch Model is a small reproduction of an operational transmission or gearbox with a clutch. All parts are moveable and the transmission can be shifted to change gears. The Steering Gear Instruction Model is a miniature model that functions like a real vehicle and features steering wheel, steering gear, linkage arms, stabilizer, sectioned brakes and tires.
Model Number: TIA-MGC-1

Chassis with Flexiglass Engine / Wankel Engine Instruction Model

The Chassis with Flexiglass Engine is a small scale instruction vehicle that’s shows most of the important part of an automobile in sectioned yet operational form. The Wankel Engine Instruction Model reproduces the key elements and design featured in today’s modern wankel engine.
Model Number: TIA-ICM-1

Two Stroke / Four Stroke Diesel Engine Instruction Models

These two models (2 stroke and 4 stroke) are designed for classroom demonstration of the 2 cycle (stroke) or 4 cycle engine operation and combustion process. Its design is based upon an air cooled single cylinder diesel engine which is commonly used in small stationary engines. Operation is demonstrated by rotating the crank shaft utilizing the hand wheel.
Model Number: TIA-12D-1

Working Steam Engine Model / Sectioned Steam Engine Model

Our Working Steam Engine Model is a working model of a steam engine that is able to demonstrate how a standard cycle engine works and features a horizontal boiler, safety pressure valve, steam whistle, piston and fly wheel. The Sectioned Steam Engine Model provides a more detailed look into the construction of steam engines.
Model Number: TIA-STM-1

Pre Driving Car Trainer with Reaction Time Meter

The Pre-Driving Car Trainer is a practical driving training aid for new student drivers. The trainer simulates the features of a vehicle and the controls. The student sits in an actual car seat with seat positioning controls, steering and transmission controls and instrumentation as in a real motor vehicle. This allows the student to learn about car controls and practice in a safe environment before going on to the actual in-vehicle driving studies.
Model Number: TIA-CDT-1

Illuminated Traffic Educational Panels

Labtech Illuminated Traffic Sign Panel System is designed for training and testing student’s knowledge traffic signs and signals. The system features modular interchangeable Plexiglas panels containing many different symbols for student study and testing. Signs can be modified to match individual country requirements.
Model Number: TIA-ITS-1

Traffic Situation Trainer / Traffic Light Trainer

The Traffic Situation Trainer is used in classroom exercises to set up various traffic situations for the instruction on proper driving, conduct and right of way. By using this tool numerous traffic situations can be explored and discussed in the class. The Traffic Light Trainer is a full sized traffic light that can be used in the classroom for demonstration of how traffic lights function.
Model Number: TIA-TLS-1

Automotive Educational Charts

This is an outstanding educational aid for theory lessons. It consists of educational charts mounted together as if in a book to make their display as clear as possible. All the major mechanical parts of the vehicle are represented. All figures drawings and plans are carefully prepared and labeled so they are easily understood. The instructor can use these charts as a time saving tool for class room presentations.
Model Number: TIA-AEC-1