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Motorcycle & Small Engines

Posted By matt rifaldi

Sectioned Vespa Motorcycle Engine

This sectioned engine of a Vespa type motorcycle is ideal for the demonstration of 2 stroke engine principles as well as the unusual drive system that is feature of motor scooter type motorcycles. The complete engine and transmission has been carefully sectioned to expose all internal details. The inside of all key parts are visible such as the magneto, piston, transmission gears, carburetor, brake, clutch, etc.
Model Number: PC-2SV-S

Sectioned Motorcycle Engines

These sectioned original motorcycle engines are available in several models and are made from Japanese motorcycle such as Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki. The engines have been carefully sectioned to show all key internal parts. These units are ideal for demonstrating the operational principles of 4-stroke or 2-stroke motor cycle engines.
Model Number: TPC-4S1-1

Live Motorcycle Engines

Labtech’s Live Motor cycle Engines for skill training are specifically designed to train students in the operation, tune-up, maintenance, repair and construction of two and four stroke motor cycle. A variety of engines are available providing the customer with a choice to best meet their training needs.
Model Number: TPC-LRS-1

Motorcycle Electrical Chassis

The Labtech Motorcycles Electrical Chassis is designed for student skills training in actual wiring of basic electrical systems as found on most motorcycles. The unit consists of original motorcycle components, which are mounted onto a simulated model chassis. The chassis includes an integrated floor stand mounted on wheels for mobility.
Model Number: TPC-ECU-1

Small Engine Dynamometer (Hydraulic)

The Small Engine Dynamometer system is designed to train students in the area of small engine technology. A wide variety of experimentation is possible to develop students’ knowledge including theory and operational principles of internal combustion engines, instrumentation and testing, power measurement (torque/horse power/kW), engine speed measurement, thermodynamics, and plotting of engine performance curves.
Model Number: PS-DHA

Small Engine Dynamometer DC Motor or Eddy Current Type

This small engine dynamometer is similar in function to the Labtech model PS-DHA except that the brake force mechanism is performed by an electric motor. The advantages of an electric motor braking system is that it provides a more precise control of the brake force and also has the ability to motor (or turn over) the engine which is useful for friction analysis studies.
Model Number: TPS-DEC-1

Small Engine Dynamometer DC Motor or Eddy Current Type

Labtech has developed a special data acquisition system that is especially suited for our series of small engine dynamometers. It is designed to extend the range of experiments that can be performed and to provide a more detailed analysis of the engine performance. The computer system is set up to monitor and record key data values such as engine speed, torque, multiple temperature points, fuel flow, air flow and others.
Model Number: TPS-DAS-1

Optional Equipment for Small Engine Dynamometer

We offer a wide range of optional equipment to compliment our Small Engine Dynamometer. Please contact us for details.
Model Number: TPS-SOE-1

Small Engine Dynamometer Manual

Contact us for details regarding our Small Engine Dynamometer Manual.
Model Number: TBD-1

Engines for Dynamometer Systems

All engines (2 stroke, 4 stroke, petrol and diesel) are specially prepared to mount onto the dynamometer base plate.
Model Number: TPS-DE-1

Section Small Engines

These sectioned engines are ideal for demonstrating the construction, design and operational principles of small petrol and diesel engines. The engines are all single cylinder and range from approximately 3 to 5 HP. Stationary engines such as these are used in many agricultural, industrial and domestic applications.
Model Number: TPS-4PI-1

Live Small Stationary Engines

Labtech’s small engine training station is especially designed to train students in the operation, tune up, and repair of small stationary engines of the type used to drive small generators, water pumps, lawn mowers and agricultural equipment.
Model Number: TPS-SSE-1

Sectioned Single Injector Diesel Fuel Pump

This is an original single plunger type diesel pump from a single cylinder diesel engine. It has been carefully sectioned to show all key internal working components. This model is excellent for demonstrating the operational principles, characteristics and function of diesel fuel pumps for single cylinder small engines. It comes with a sectioned injector and is mounted on a wooden base.
Model Number: TPS-DPA-1

List of Small Gasoline Engines Available From Labtech

Contact us for a complete list of the small gasoline engines we offer.
Model Number: TBD-1

Live Outboard Engines

These outboard engines are provided for the teaching of marine outboard technology, engine operation, construction, diagnosis, fault finding and trouble shooting. A variety of sizes and models are offered. Two cylinder engines are recommended for training use as the student will able to learn about the construction and operational characteristics of multi cylinder outboard engines.
Model Number: TPM-OBY-1

Sectioned Outboard Engine Model

These sectioned engines are ideal for demonstrating the construction, design and operational principles of marine outboard engines. The engines offered are two, four and six cylinder two stroke outboard engines as used for marine applications on smaller boats. A classroom outfitted with these sectioned engines enables the student to study the construction and operational principles of these engines.
Model Number: TPS-OBE-1