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Workshop Equipment

Posted By matt rifaldi

Workshop Engine Stands

These stands are ideal for repairing car and truck engines of various makes. The twin pedestal stands features a strong central base which is mounted on wheels for mobility. Each column has a rotating 3 point universal fixture that can clamp to any engine for a total of six bolting points to the engine. This enables the engine to be firmly secured and allows for 360 degrees rotation for ease of work.
Model Number: TWS-RDH-1

Rotating Engine Stands

Labtech’s Rotating Engine Stand has many unique features which make it one of the best work stands available. The stand is extremely strong and stable being made from welded tubular and structural steel. The base of the stand is designed in such a way as to permit a high degree of stability while the engines are mounted. Holes are provided in the bottom of the base for bolting the stand to the floor.
Model Number: TWS-RSH-1

Special Tools

Labtech offers a large assortment of special tools to match the numerous engines, transmissions, front ends, rear axle units and other training items that we provide. The special tools enable these units to be disassembled and reassembled in the manner that is recommended by manufacturer’s workshop manuals.
Model Number: TBD-1

Shop Workbench / Stackable Shop Stool

The Workbench is designed to be knocked down for reduced shipping costs. It is a very sturdy design consisting of welded “C” channel legs and removable “C” channel cross-joints. Benches are painted with extremely tough epoxy paint. The Stackable Shop Stool design is perfect for use in the automotive workshop or classroom. It is light-weight yet strong and stack easily for convenient storage.
Model Number: TWS-WB-1