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Electrical Motor Control

Posted By matt rifaldi

Motor Control Circuit Trainer

This trainer provides a good grounding in mastering control technology using various types of electrical contactor circuits. The trainer features modular components are mounted on to a rack system to facilitate the setting up of various types and configurations of circuits. A student/teacher manual, which covers technical explanations, is provided together with student job sheets.
Model Number: LEM-MCF-SERIES

Motor Generator System

The Labtech Motor-Generator System is an integrated system for in-depth studies on Motor-Generator theory and working principles. The system is mounted on its own base plate with an upright control panel and the combination is connected via a flexible coupling. The control panel includes a volt meter, ampere meter, and all wiring connections brought out to 4mm terminals. Operation and experiment manuals are provided in English.
Model Number: LEM-MGS

Electrical Motor System

The LEM-EMS Electrical Motor System consists of a wide range of multifunctional motor types commonly used in industrial applications. The electric motors are specifically chosen for training applications in respect to the size and power outputs. All of these electric motors can be utilized in conjunction with the Labtech Electrical Training Systems. All motors have sturdy bases with wiring connections brought out to 4mm safety terminals.
Model Number: LEM-EMS

Sectioned Electrical Motors

These items are original electric motors, which have been carefully sectioned to expose all key operational parts. They are ideal for demonstrating to students the function and operation of different types of electric motors. A variety of sectioned motors are available so different operational characteristics can be compared. Motors are mounted on a melamine base and electrical connections are brought out to 4-mm terminals.
Model Number: LEM-1 & LEM-3 SERIES