Making technology visible through Knowledge Engineering

For more than 30 years Labtech has designed and produced technology training systems for top educational institutions around the world.

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Creating the future of education technology.

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of technical education (TVET) equipment and trainers, we not only produce tools for learning, we participate in the development of next generation learning systems. Teachers and institutions from around the globe rely on Labtech to deliver training solutions for use in the classroom to impart employable skills to their students. We are committed to delivering sustainable, long lasting, and educationally effective solutions to our customers.
This commitment begins at our home office and manufacturing facility in Asia, 15km from Singapore. Unlike our competitors who outsource most, if not all, of their manufacturing, our operations are almost solely in-house yet more economical due to the lower cost of manufacturing in Asia. We have built a company culture that is committed to quality from our R&D process, to the delivery of our products and ongoing customer support. This is why schools around the globe recognize Labtech as an industry leader in technology education.

Our Six Core Concepts

Knowledge Engineering
Labtech’s defining core competency is education and this is built into every product we sell. We begin and end our development process with research and sound pedagogy.
Technology Made Visible
We believe students should focus on skill development, not training systems. Thus, we integrate intuitive designs with tangible, real-world components in each of our products.
Continual Innovation
Our products are constantly being refined to remain on the forefront of technology’s growth curve. This is possible because of our low production costs and in-house fabrication.
Modular Products
The very core of our designs are modular enabling students to connect concepts, and schools to save on costs by combining technology components.
Quality Components
Top quality components and the latest technology are the standard in all of our training and education products.
Employable Skills
The ultimate goal with our training systems and education products is to instill employable skills into the students that use our trainers.

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