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Data Acquisition Systems & Control

Posted By matt rifaldi

Basic PC Network System Trainer
Signal Conditioning Trainer for Data Acquisition

This trainer is designed as a basic introductory trainer for signal conditioning for computer data acquisition and control. The student will learn about various types of analog and digital signals and how to alter them for use by the student to begin to learn about the complex subject of signal conditioning and will provide him with a good foundation upon which to build up and experiment with the other higher-level trainers.
Model Number: CPA-SCT-1

Sensor and Transducer Trainer

The Sensor Transducer Trainer is a modular training system which covers the theory, fundamental concepts and applications of sensors and transducers. This trainer has many experimental modules covering a wide range of sensors and transducers including standard signals processing methods required by many applications. The trainer consists of a base station into which a number of experiment modules can be fitted.
Model Number: CPA-STT-1

Basic PC Network System Trainer
Data Acquisition & Control Trainer w/ Visual Basic

This system uses a comprehensive approach to cover such topics as sensors, transducers, signal conditioning, Visual Basic, application development, and system integration. Basic signal conditioning is explored through a visible system on modular application PCBs that are inserted into the base station. The student can use a variety of signal condition techniques to process the signal before it can be acquired by the PC computer.
Model Number: CPA-DAQ-2

Basic PC Network System Trainer
PC Based Data Acquisition & Control System

This powerful integrated system is used to record, analyze, display and output controlling data in real-time from sensors and instruments. It is ideal for studying process control from basic level to complex control flows that contain more than 100 blocks. Students can perform PID control in various configurations and construct many control systems such as open loop, closed loop with P, I, D, PI, PD, or PID actions.
Model Number: CPA-DAC-1

Electronic Washing Machine Trainer

This trainer consists of a modern electronically controlled washing machine modified to make it easier to conduct the technician training exercises. It uses the Labtech Electronic fault system which includes the block system diagram, LED display and 12 electronic faults, for the control system, valves, pump, motor, sensors, etc. It is designed to interface with a PC computer which can be used to customize and control the process.
Model Number: CPA-WMT-1