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Renewable & Green Technology

Posted By Labtech Penta International


GreenTech-Renewable Technology is increasingly becoming a more important aspect of many technical studies. These Technologies are helping us to conserve and preserve energy and to be more efficient in our daily lives both at work and at home. Labtech supports the concept of including Green Tech systems and technology into traditional subjects to update the student’s skill and work practices. We have been making various Green Tech training systems that include Wind, Solar Thermal, Solar Photovotatic, Green HVAC, Micro Hydro, Regenerative Systems, Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, Fuel Cells, Bio Fuels, Energy Management and Integration, Energy Conservation and Storage. We are able to embed these programs into our Automotive, Electrical, Electronics, HVAC and Building Management Training Programs or offer it as complete labs that include a full range of Green Technology for study.

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