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Biomass & Biofuel

Posted By Labtech Penta International

Biomass Production Trainer

This trainer is designed for learning about biomass production system as a form of alternative energy power generation. Understanding the basic principles and components of a biomass production system, biomass generator, biomass gasifier, etc. Understanding how to operate, how to set one up, how they are controlled, storage and distribution of power. Understanding basic electrical power generation and protection systems. Power from Biomasss Power Generation and Losses in Biomasss Production System.
Model Number: LLC-BMT-1

Biogas Plant Trainer

This training system provides a comprehensive experiment to study principles of biogas plant. Achieving a stable operating state. Influence of the following parameters on the biogas generation (temperature, substrate, volumetric loading and PH value). Influence of the operation mode on the Biogas yield (single or dual stage, with and without post-fermentation and continuous and discontinuous).
Model Number: LDA-BPE-1

Biofuel Engine Dynamometer

This trainer is designed to study of engine performance using LPG, CNG and Bio Diesel. Engine performance anaylisi at wide open throttle and at constant RPM and varying throttle. Plot BMEP Brake Mean Effective Pressure measurement against engine RPM.
Model Number: ET-DHB SERIES