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Green HVAC

Posted By Labtech Penta International

Absorption Refrigeration Trainer

This trainer enables student to familiarize the operational functions of absorption type refrigeration systems which are energy efficient and have low power requirements. This unit features a dual power sources : from Solar PV and from LPG. Typically, these units can be used in remote areas to provide cooling for essential items like medications at clinics.
Model Number: RBA-ART-A

Geothermal Heat Pump Trainer

This trainer is built around a special work bench that incorporates a functioning Geo-Thermal Heat Pump Systems whixh can be used to study the added efficiency of heat pump systems the utilize geothermal principles to enhance their functions.
Model Number: RHS-GTT-A

Industrial Cooling Plant With Ice Store Trainer

This training system explores the concepts of energy storage by creating ice which can be produced during lower cost tariff costs (usually at night) and storing this to be used to supplement the cooling system during operation in the time. System performance analysis including determination of refrigeration capacity and coefficient of performance.
Model Number: RCO-ICP-A