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Labtech Digital Content for TVET

Posted By Labtech Penta International

Blending Virtual Learning with the Practical World

Labtech has two types of Digital Learning Systems which are available for use in the classroom and workshop. Both are designded to enhanced the students learning experience and keep track of their progress and assessments. They can be used to extend the learning space into virtual learning for either the Labtech training systems or even generic subject content.

1. Computer Aided Instructional Modules (CAI) Labtech Training Systems – CAI Modules are available for all major Green Tech & Renewable Energy training systems. They present all the elements of the student manuals into a media rich e-learning format which incorporates many color photos, illustrations, videos and simulations.

2. Flexible Micro Learning Modules to match all curriculums – Labtech’s digital micro learning modules are designed as generic topical learning elements which are modular so as to integrate with most school or national curriculums. Each module deals with a distinct single learning topic which is common to most curriculums and provides enhanced learning materials for the student to explore and learn about these topics.

Contents of the Modules : The modules contain realistic graphic animations and simulations of the topic selected for study. They also have information about the associated theory and science of about the topic, construction of the component, identification exercise for constituent components, illustrations of the operational processes, examples of real industry parts and videos of real systems.

Subjects Listing : Packages are available for Basic Automotive, Advanced Automotive, Basic Electronics, Basic Electrical, Electrical Motors, Basic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Computer Technology, Network Technology, Basic Mechanical Mechanisms, Renewable Energy (Green Tech).

Classroom Deployment :

Networked PC Multimedia Lab : It is deployed on a classroom or school server and can be accessed by any PC. The modules are able to be accessed with the Labtech LMS system. The Labtech LMS is designed especially for Vocational and Technical Schools.

Tablet Cart Deployment : The system is able to be deployed in a classroom cart configuration. This is a mobile tablet cart equipped with either 20 or 40 Android or Windows tablets, a server, a teacher laptop, the LMS, the CMS and with the software preloaded onto the system.