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Power Supplies & Benches / Frames

Posted By matt rifaldi

Variable Power Supplies

Labtech produces a series of AC and DC power supplies that are designed to provide power for our electrical trainers and educational motors. We have built-in numerous special features so that these units are also ideally suited for use as universal laboratory power supplies as well. They are particularly useful in Electrical, Electronic and even Refrigeration/Air Conditioning Laboratories where multipurpose applications are required.
Model Number: LPS-VPS-1

Panel Mounting Frames and Storage Cabinets for Electrical Panel Trainers

Frames are used for the mounting of the panel modules and can accommodate sizes of A3, A4, A5 and A6. Frames are available in two different styles for bench top or stand alone mobile units. Additionally, several storage cabinets are available for the storage of the panel modules for our various trainers. The cabinets are fitted with slots into which the panels can be secured.
Model Number: LPS-TPF-1