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Automotive & Transportation

Posted By matt rifaldi



Despite the growth of the internet and information technology over the past decade, automotive and transportation technology remains one of the largest job producing industries in the world. The market has dramatically changed along with the technology, but the need for technicians who are knowledgeable and well trained remains the same.


Our Approach

For over 15 years Labtech has been designing and producing specialized training systems for automobiles, trucks, motorcycle, small engines, agricultural mechanics, marine and aviation applications. Today Labtech produces one of the most complete lines of training equipment & training systems available for transportation and power technology. We make trainers ranging from basic systems up to the latest technology including ABS braking systems and electronic fuel injection trainers.



Our overall company objective of using tangible, hands on training methods to produce employable skills is essential for students wanting to compete in this industry. Our trainers systems in automotive and transportation technology allow students to immediately translate knowledge obtained in the classroom, to skills needed in the workshop or factory. The result is that technicians and mechanics trained on Labtech trainers have a head start in the workplace as they are able to immediately utilize skills learned as they go out into the workforce.


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