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Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVAC)

Posted By matt rifaldi



Air conditioning & refrigeration (HVAC) systems are vital in ensuring the comfort of people at home and in the workplace, and refrigeration systems are essential to the storage and preservation of our food resources. We are especially finding a massive acceptance of these systems in developing nations where they have not been widely used before. This increases the importance of having qualified technicians who can install, service and repair this equipment.


Air conditioning & refrigeration (HVAC) systems have recently been undergoing a revolution in technology. Today’s systems are using new technology after the discovery that CFC refrigerants, such as R11 & R12, were harmful to the environment. There is an urgent need to train technicians for this new technology and to improve the servicing and recovery of CFCs on older systems.


Our Approach

Labtech trainers follow the new technology as per the Montreal Protocol, which was sponsored by the United Nations, and are not harmful to the environment. Labtech trainers use the latest technology and are designed to give technicians the skills required to meet today’s challenges. Most of our training systems incorporate “Fault Insertion Systems” that allows both electrical and refrigerant flow faults. This provides an invaluable instruction device for troubleshooting & maintenance aspects of the equipment.



The combination of the latest technology with the ability to set and record faults allows teachers and instructors to challenge students in ways that will be important to their success in the workforce. As a result, students using Labtech trainers are leaving the classroom better prepared to service and repair AC & refrigeration technology.


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