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Electronics Technology

Posted By matt rifaldi



Electronics technology is one of the more rapidly changing of all technologies today. It affects many aspects of work and productivity at the office and industry, as well as the convenience and comfort of life at home. In recent years the average home and workplace has been acquiring many new electronic devices which brings technology closer to many people. These devices include items such as stereos, CD/MP3 players, TVs, computers, photocopiers, fax machines and many other products. The need for servicing these items has been growing at an incredible rate, creating many new job opportunities for which service repair technicians must be trained.


Our Approach

Labtech has developed a series of trainers to assist students in acquiring the skills needed for fulfilling these positions. These trainers have been designed in cooperation with several of the leading electronics manufacturers, together with teacher training experts. Our trainers start by giving the student a solid background in electronic fundamentals and the progress onwards to skill and job oriented training systems. The trainers thoroughly cover topics in mechanism operation, system diagnostics, troubleshooting and fault-finding, repair and routine servicing of these devices. All of our products include the factory repair and service manuals by the manufacturers, as well as student job sheets. Many of our trainers in this product line feature a very useful and unique electronic fault insertion system for the teaching of troubleshooting and the testing of student skills.



Because of our focus on electronics technology training over the years, Labtech has become a global leader in training technicians for employment in the electronics industry. Students using Labtech trainers are able to quickly transition from the classroom to the workroom because our trainers incorporate the actual devices that students will be using when then get into the workforce (rather than just mockups). The result has been an increase in knowledge retention and thus, employable skills.


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