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Why Choose Labtech

Posted By matt rifaldi


Top educational institutions rely on Labtech

For over 30 years educational institutions around the world have looked to Labtech as their provider of technical trainers and education solutions.  In that time we have developed a reputation for quality and excellence that is among the more well regarded in the industry. Our salespeople are always happy to talk about the difference that Labtech trainers can make at your school, but below are 10 quick reasons why customers choose our company.

10 Reasons Customers Choose Labtech
  1. Continual Innovation – At Labtech we are never satisfied with the status-quo. In fact, we have designed our business model around the concept of continually innovating with our products. While other firms design products and then outsource their production in large batches, we design and produce all in house enabling faster innovation cycles. For our customers this means having the ability to purchase products that are better aligned with the most current technology.
  2. In-house Fabrication – We have gained a wide variety of competencies for fabricating technology trainers in house enabling us to customize products for our customer’s needs and respond faster to market adjustments.
  3. Modular Systems – In everything we produce we aim to be modular at Labtech. Our systems are interconnected allowing students to make learning connections between different areas of technology. This also achieves significant cost savings for schools because it enables upgrades rather than having to replace aging labs entirely.
  4. Complete Solutions – Our focus on expanding our capabilities and modularizing our products has resulted in our ability to provide customers with complete solutions for the technology education needs. Rather than pursuing only the most profitable segments of TVET, we have made ourselves a trusted provider in complete solutions to that schools can count on Labtech to be their one stop shop.
  5. Custom Manufacturing Capabilities – Because we design and manufacture our products in house, we have the ability to custom manufacture products to our customer’s exact specifications when needed. This means that a customer’s unique needs no longer have to be compromised to fit the offerings of a particular provider.
  6. A History of Reliability – At Labtech we have a long history of reliability not only in the area of product durability, but in pedagogical understanding as well. Customers count on us to deliver reliable learning solutions that will last and be effective for years to come.
  7. Strategic Location – Being located on Batam Island, 15km from Singapore, we are in an ideal location for shipping and cost savings due to our duty free status. Furthermore, our location allows us to interact more closely with our customers. Labtech brings together both Eastern and Western competencies in education and this allowing us to have a broad spectrum from which to address the particular needs of our customers.
  8. Experts in Education – Unlike many other producers of educational trainers and technology, the ownership and core managers at Labtech are educators first and manufacturers second. This places the focus of our products on learning which is why we refer to our manufacturing process as Knowledge Engineering.
  9. Industry Partnerships – At Labtech we participate in a wide range of partnerships with both the technology industry and educational institutions. This allows us to align our products to the needs of educational institutions and to align the knowledge that will be delivered with the needs of industry.
  10. Industry Leading Customer Support – At Labtech we build lasting relationships that do not end upon shipment of our products. It is this kind of commitment that has allowed our company to thrive for over 20 years in the educational training and technology industry.