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Electrical & Power

Posted By matt rifaldi



The generation, distribution, and use of electricity together form the basic foundation for the operation of our modern society. A complete knowledge in this area is required for those entering the installation, maintenance and repair fields for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our training systems stress learning theory as well as the development of practical skills. This is accomplished with exercises being carried out on real industrial components.


Our Approach

Labtech has designed a series of training systems to address the training requirements for installation technicians and maintenance engineers. The training systems cover basic electricity, testing of electrical circuits, residential and industrial installation practices, electrical motor control and industrial automation. Our systems use real industrial components, which have been specially modified for training.


Many our trainers are designed in a modular fashion with the components mounted on transparent DIN standard panels with the electrical connections brought out to 4mm electrical terminals. These terminals use 4mm stackable test leads to allow for quick connection between the various components and circuits to be tested. Different types of stands and testing racks are available onto which the students may mount the component panels so as to quickly form many types of configurations for experiment and testing purposes. All of these features plus fault insertion systems enable our training systems to be very flexible yet precise so as to prepare the student for real world industrial situations.



The combination of our theory development with hands on application yields top notch learning performance. Furthermore, our modular approach not only allows schools to save on costs, but it also allows students to connect the dots between different electrical components. This allows for a level of learning integration that prepares students to be knowledgeable electronics technicians in the workforce.


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