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Wiring, Distribution & Protection

Posted By matt rifaldi

Basic Technology Trainer

The Labtech “Basic Electrical Technology Trainer” is designed to provide students with a good foundation in electrical technology, and to prepare them for a career as an installation/service technician. This system is designed to give a general program on the basics of electrical installation and motor control
Model Number: LEW-BET-1

Electrical Installation Trainer

The Labtech “Electrical Installation Trainer” is designed to provide students with a good foundation in electrical technology, and to prepare them for a career as an installation/service technician. The system consists of a number of modules which are suitable for the study of electrical measurement, electrical installation and for the troubleshooting of electrical installations.
Model Number: LEW-EIT-X SERIES

Electrical Circuit Fault Trainer

The Labtech “Electrical Circuit Fault Trainer” is designed to provide a course on the operation and trouble shooting for electrical control circuits. It has unique control training capabilities with a fault insertion system which is useful as a teaching aid in fault finding or troubleshooting the electrical installation.
Model Number: LEW-ECF

Electrical Machine Trainer

The Labtech “Electrical Machine Trainer” is designed to provide the students with a good and strong foundation in electrical machine technology. The trainer consists of modular panels containing motors, generators, and supporting equipments which are suitable to study various types of motors and generators according to their classifications. The study of motors and generators covers the theory, design and characteristic of each motor and generator.
Model Number: LEW-EMT SERIES

Electrical Wiring Installation Kits

These installation kits are designed for use by the student in order to gain experience in typical electrical installation practices in various areas such as domestic and commercial building lighting and appliances, industrial switching and control system, power distribution and main feeds, electrical safety system and installation protection.
Model Number: LEW-EIK SERIES

Residential Wiring Installation Kits

The residential wiring installation training module is designed for a structured practical wiring exercise done for residential wiring installations. The practical activities cover wiring circuits, layout design planning, electrical power and calculations, material calculation, safety consideration and wiring installations. All practical activities are structured using accurate documentation and proper execution of an installation in order to specifically prepare students for their future work in practice. All parts, except for consumables (wires) can be reused.
Model Number: LEW-EIK-D2

Power Distribution Board

The Labtech Power Distribution Board is specifically designed to suit the needs of Electrical Laboratory Systems. Safety aspects are designed into the system with high quality components through out for safe guard and protection to the operator. The unit allows wide flexibility to change the number of circuit breakers and receptacles according the needs. The systems include a range of 4 up to 12 receptacles, each with its own circuit breaker, that allow the user to connect electrical equipment directly to the board.
Model Number: LEW-PDB SERIES