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Worldwide Customers

Posted By matt rifaldi

Labtech has assisted thousands of schools in over 80 countries to improve their technical education systems.

Our address book spans the globe

For more than 30 years Labtech has delivered customized training solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers. This begins with our process of understanding specific customer needs on the front end and then tailoring training and education solutions to meet those needs. We have successfully accomplished this at every level of education and in over 80 countries around the world.

Case Studies:

The case studies listed below are just a few examples of our countless successes with customers around the world. Please click on each one for more information.  If you would like more examples of our previous work, or to get a better understanding of how Labtech can address your specific needs, please contact our sales staff.

Multiple Polytechnic Schools – Middle Eastern Country

Customer is a large Ministry of Education, with a varied portfolio of thousands of schools, ranging from primary schools up to polytechnic level education. They have had a program for quite a few years now to upgrade and update their technology education courses with modern technology lab equipment, support materials and tools with some facilities, but without sufficient curriculum updates to match.


Matching current technology training and equipment into out-of-date curriculum is a challenge in itself, especially within the ICT technology area. This together with training teachers on usage, application and how it can relate and integrate into their existing classroom activities also provided a challenge. Supporting the teachers to accept what we have been contracted to provide by their administration, in most cases without consultation with them.


We provided training to larger groups of teacher’s from multiple schools in centralised sessions in regional centres. Once completed we split our team up and sent them to each school, assisting the teacher’s in the integration of the equipment and courseware in their own classrooms. Providing a more personalised session with the teachers, we were able to better support the teacher’s needs and show the benefits that their students will gain.

Multiple Technical Colleges – East African Country

Customer is a Ministry of Youth providing industry linked education, with hundreds of technical schools that are either stalled or require more relevant, but missing technology programs. Their government has mandated that more focus and budget be given to the practical aspects of technology education in order to build the foundation for future growth in their economy.  However, schools were only provided with limited resources for the total solution from curriculum, to teacher training and equipment.


This multiple school blanket order contract included supplying practical technology trainers with supporting tools, courseware curriculum and training of the teachers. On arrival to fulfil the teacher training, we found out that not one of these teachers where from this technology area. Though some were from faculties covering multiple elements that make up this technology, but for the core process and theory they were essentially from “0” knowledge.


Our engineer spent several days giving crash courses on theory to a large group of teachers. This impacted the time we had available for practical training as time was limited and we could not extend the program. We managed to split the teachers into mixed groups of the various faculties, working as teams to do various practical exercises, after a very brief training. Then we focused on monitoring and mentoring the process until they were completely satisfied with the result.