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ClassRoom21 CMS

Posted By matt rifaldi

Labtech’s Classroom21 is a new generation of software that assists teachers in utilizing and managing a computer multimedia lab or 1:1 classroom. It transforms traditional classrooms into educational platforms which allow students to develop 21st Century skills and teachers to manage an ICT rich classroom without compromising the way they naturally would like to teach. Classroom21 utilizes cutting edge features which allow for a broad range of learning techniques and communication methods, while harnessing features such as screen monitoring, broadcasting, computer/screen locking, file sharing, and many more to maximize learning effectiveness in a 21st Century classroom.

Using a CMS allows teachers to more effectively use devices in classrooms. A teacher is able to fully control student devices and share materials on his/her device through the Teacher Dashboard. This essentially replaces the need for expensive, cumbersome electronic white boards while providing to additional ability to easily share a student screen with the entire class. The result is more ICT infused lessons without the common challenges entailed when working in an ICT lab such as the teacher being unable to monitor student activities or sacrificing collaboration.

Students are able to communicate with the teacher, do assignments, and send files through their Student Dashboards. Students have the additional ability to use Classroom21 to interact with external science devices to conduct experiments. The data and results can be collected by the teacher and shared with the class.

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