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Labtech’s Engineer was present the Virtual Reality on Education at Malang

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Labtech’s Engineer was present the Virtual Reality on Education at Malang

Posted By matt rifaldi

Software and Websites Development (SWD) Engineer of Labtech was present the implementation of Virtual Reality at STIKI Malang, East Java on February 4-5, 2017. They showed some of Virtual Reality technology to the participant from many university with a digital content of education that design in Labtech. A Virtual Content was make an audience very enthusiastic because its very new implementation in education since a virtual reality implementing on the gaming world.

Labtech’s engineer show the Automotive Digital Content by Oculus Rift to show the feature likes a background theory, Component Identification, functional animation and some assessment that design by Labtech. The Virtual Automotive Workshop was shown too by using HTC VIVE and give participant the new experience to enter the virtual environment of the workshop. They can look the car with many tools and can go around the workshop same like in the real environment.

This Seminar is held by Hardware and Intercative Club (HIC) STIKI Malang. Mr Sugeng Widodo, Vice Rector of STIKI Malang said that the Virtual Reality in education is very new in Indonesia and it can be a new opportunity for the students and lecturer to develop it, especialy in the education scoop.

He said based on his experience; Labtech is the pioneer of this area in Indonesia because many content provider in education institution is still provide a 2D animation in the standard computer as a simulation to support the lecturer material.