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Microcomputer / Microprocessor Lab

Posted By matt rifaldi

Advanced Digital Application Modules

This digital application modules trainer is designed to provide further and more extensive studies about some important digital circuits. The students are recommended to finish all experiments in Labtech Logic and Advanced digital trainer (EFT-DTL, EFT-DTA) before proceeding to this application trainer. The trainer offers wide range of most common digital application circuits that are used in digital electronics.

Model Number: EFT-DTX-1

8085 Microprocessor Trainer

This trainer is based on the processor 8085. It is a versatile microprocessor trainer used as an instructional aid in colleges and universities. It is a complete single board micro computer used for software and hardware development in research institutions and R&D labs..

Model Number: CMM-8085-1

8088 Microprocessor Trainer

CMM-8088 is a powerful, general purpose micro computer trainer which can be operated either with 8086 CPU or 8088 CPU. The CPU is configured for operating in the Max mode.  On-board provision exists for installing 8087 Numeric Data Processor.  The system is versatile and can be configured in a variety of ways via jumper options, to suit specific user requirements.  The basic system can be easily expanded through the System Bus connectors.
Model Number: CMM-8088-1

6811 Motorola Microprocessor Trainer
6811 Motorola Microprocessor Trainer

E-6811 is a compact trainer that is based on the 52-pin Motorola MC68HC11 processor, and includes 32K of battery-backed static RAM, four outputs for DC motors, a connector system that allows active sensors to be individually plugged into the board, an LCD screen, and an integrated, rechargeable battery pack.  This design is ideal for experimental general experiments and also quite suited to robotics projects.
Model Number: CMM-6811-1

68000 Motorola Microprocessor Trainer

The CMM-68000 Trainer is a powerful and cost-effective single-board microcomputer based on Motorola 68000 CPU supported by Motorola peripheral chips.  The trainer is a valuable aid for teaching in academic institutions, software and hardware development in research institutions and R&D labs.
Model Number: CMM-68000-1

8051 Microcontroller Trainer

Intel’s MCS-51 family of micro controllers is increasing in popularity for instrumentation and control applications due to its speed and powerful instruction set – essentials for real time applications.  This has created the need for a trainer and development tools.  The CMM-8051 is a complete solution for this requirement.  It is as a flexible instructional aid for academic institutions and a powerful development kit in R&D Labs.
Model Number: CMM-8051-1

PAL/GAL Programmer Trainer
PAL/GAL Programmer Trainer

This trainer comprises a complete system for the training of Programmable Logic Devices (PLD). It features a universal intelligent programmer, PC computer, interface, and software with numerous drivers for many brands of PLDS and also a text book with exercises.  Assortments of PLDS are also provided for experimentation.  The Programmer is a universal device programmer, which works through the PC’s parallel port.
Model Number: CMM-PLD-1

PIC Programmer

The E-KIT96 is a tool to allow Students and developers to program PIC Micro-controllers.  It is a powerful and flexible system that provides a user friendly environment to carry out a large variety of programming application tasks.  The KIT96 comes complete with the development programming board, P16PRO Programming Software, 1 sample of PIC 16 Micro-controller chip. Instructions and experiment manual is provided.
Model Number: CMM-PIC-1