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Electronic Laboratory Instrumentation

Posted By matt rifaldi

Oscilloscope Trainer

The oscilloscope trainer is based upon a standard commercial 20 MHz, dual trace oscilloscope that has been modified to provide easy access to the internal circuitry.  We have also added onto the unit Labtech’s special electronic fault system that provides 10 selectable electronic faults.  An illuminated circuit block diagram represents the location of the faults.  The location of the faults may be displayed or switched off for testing purposes.
Model Number: ELI-OSC-1

PC Based Virtual Instrument System

The Labtech PC Base Virtual instrument system of technicians in the overall operation and performance of electrical and electronics system. The unit is designed to give realistic real time performance that functions in the same way as stand-alone instrument. Meter indicators in the system can be used together with the training systems to indicate signal outputs and levels of various test points for the experiments. it also can be used to test real operational circuits and electronic system.
Model Number: ELI-VTL-A