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Solar Thermal

Posted By Labtech Penta International

Parabolic Solar Concentrator Trainer

This system enables experimental investigation on the conversion of sunlight into thermal energy by means of aparabolic trough solar collector. This training system is manufactured using real industrial components for optimal performance and student familiarization. The system and components have been mounted onto a special frame and are clearly laid out and identified for student examination.
Model Number: LLC-PTC-A

Residential & Commercial Solar thermal Energy Trainer

Understanding about the operation and construction of a typical solar hot water heating system as used in residential and commercial applications. Learning about energy efficient solar collectors and their construction and function. The unit features with a separate boiler (hot water storage tank) with a supplementary electric heater. Understanding about an electric heat system which can be used as a backup unit to ensure water remains at a constant temperature and compensates for heavy demand usage.
Model Number: LBM-SHW-Series

Sectioned Flat Plate Solar Collector

This item is an original flat plate solar collector which has been carefully sectioned to expose all key operational parts. It is ideal for demonstrating to students the function and operation of flat plate solar collector. The sectioned areas on the flat plate solar collector fully show the internal workings of a flat plate solar collector, such as the tempered glass, plate glass, absorber, heat preservation layer, main copper pipe, galvanized and aluminum alloy frame.
Model Number: LLC-STP-3

Solar Energy Trainer

Small and compact in design for easy use in the classroom and remote sites. Introduction to solar thermal (hot water) and solar photovoltaic systems. Introduction the Kcal (BTU) measurements and calculate the heat absorbing capacity of solar panels. Familiarization with flow meters and electronic thermometers which are provided on the control panel. Comparison output and efficiency of different configurations by assembling the collectors using the interchangeable parts.
Model Number: LBM-SET-Series

Solar Energy Trainer, Boiler Type

The trainer represents a state-of-the-art high tech solar hot water heating system as is now being introduced for use in residential and commercial applications. It features a high effiiciency solar collector with a separate boiler (hot water storage tank) that also has a supplementary electric heater. The supplementary electric heat system is a back up unit to ensure that the water is always a constant temperature no matter what the solar condistions and also compensates for heavy demand usage.
Model Number: LLC-SHW-1 Direct Flow with Heat Pipes