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Day 2 at BETT

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Day 2 at BETT

Posted By matt rifaldi

We have just completed day 2 at BETT and met lots of new and old friends. Dr. Gary Stager gave his second speech at the Learn Live Session on educational technology. Dr. Stager also gave the Keynote address on the Best Ideas in Education today” – in that speech he highlighted that the GenYes program is clearly one of the best ways to get both students and teachers using technology together for learning Dr. Dennis Harper,the CEO and founder of GenYes, our partners, gave a presentation together with Dr. Norrizan from MDeC Malaysia on “A constructivist approach to technology and learning”. Two more days left for BETT. Come on down and see what the buss is about for these new and innovative educational programs that can help make learning more effective and develop 21st Century Skills
Steven McKee