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Labtech Supports Green Technologies in the Automotive Industry

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Labtech Supports Green Technologies in the Automotive Industry

Posted By Labtech Penta International

With all the buzz surrounding the state of the environment, you may be wondering exactly what is green technology? Also referred to as environmental technology or clean technology, the goal of this movement is to conserve the earth’s resources, reduce negative impacts such as pollution and foster sustainable development.

In most of the discussions about environmental issues and policies, transportation is highlighted as one of the main sources of pollutant emissions and energy consumption. The attention given to the automotive industry is understandable in this context due to its size, expansion, presence in our daily lives, and of course its environmental impact.

Estimates show that the automotive industry is responsible for roughly 15 percent of global carbon emissions, or about eight billion metric tons per year. In recent years, however, the auto industry has taken great strides toward reducing its carbon footprint through new technology, including greater fuel efficiency, alternative fuels, and zero emission vehicles.

Green technology has been more and more commonplace since they are not only a benefit to the environment, but they can also be a benefit to the consumer as well. Some other characteristics of green technology are:
• Recycled or reused materials
• Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants
• Use of renewable energy and minimal use of natural resources
• Low consumption and low-impact

Concerns over the environment and climate change lie at the heart of the move toward more green cars. After all, we’ve all become more aware about how cars contribute to global warming, climate change, and the destruction of our ozone layer. Those environmental concerns have spurred governments to pass more stringent regulations regarding fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions, and have increased consumer demand for more environmentally-friendly vehicles.

Labtech supports the concept of including eco-friendly or green tech technology into traditional subjects to update the student’s skill and work practices. We have been making various Green Tech training systems.

Hybrid and electric vehicles are an example of more common green technologies. Hybrid vehicles use a combination of a normal combustion engine and an electric motor in order to cause a very fuel efficient car. Electric cars are completely electric and do not produce any greenhouse gas emissions. Although hybrid cars are very common now in the United States, electric cars are finally starting to hit the mainstream with green states such as California rapidly implementing the type of infrastructure needed in order for electric cars to be commonplace. These cars save energy and greatly reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

The following are some Labtech trainers from the automotive section that use green technology, namely hybrid and electric vehicles :


Electric vehicles as they currently stand are far less polluting than their combustion engine counterparts. As the technology becomes more mainstream, it is likely to become even more efficient and sustainable. Economies of scale will benefit EV manufacturing by providing better infrastructure, more efficient manufacturing techniques, recycling options and reduce the need for the mining of new materials. Electric vehicles are not a panacea but combined with greater deployment of renewable and the decarbonization of the electricity grid they offer a pathway to greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Written by Labtech Penta International