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Advanced Air-Con Studies

Posted By matt rifaldi

Air Conditioning Laboratory Trainer

This unit provides control with variations and measurements for the main factors involved in environmental control such as air flow (handling), heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification. It is mounted on a movable bench with all components clearly visible and controls easily accessible. Diagrams of the air flow circuit and the electrical circuit are silk screened on the trainer.
Model Number: RAD-ACL SERIES

Recirculating Air Conditioning Trainer

The Recirculation Air Conditioning Trainer is related to the Air Conditioning Laboratory Unit (RAD-ACL) and enables even more experimentation as it features recirculation of the air stream. This unit provides for the study of a self-contained air conditioning system, as you would find within a typical building. The student may simulate different types of environments and conditions within a circuit or a room type situation.
Model Number: RAD-RAC-1

Industrial Air Conditioning Trainer

The Industrial Air Conditioning Trainer is based upon our popular Air Conditioning lab training systems (See RAD1 and RAD2) and enables even more experimentation as it features recirculation of the air stream and a chamber for environmental control and utilizes an industrial type water chiller cooling circuit. This unit provides for the study of a self-contained air conditioning system, as you would find within a typical building.
Model Number: RAD-IAC-1

Bench Top Cooling Tower Trainer

This trainer will familiarize students with the operation of forced draft counter-flow cooling tower systems. It can operate independently or be connected to other Labtech Refrigeration and Air Conditioning trainers. Water to be cooled is recirculated through a tower which sprays the water through a baffle system with forced airflow to maximize the cooling effect. A transparent Plexiglas panel allows the water flow to be seen inside.
Model Number: RAD-CTS-3

Refrigeration Cycle Demonstration Unit

The Refrigeration Cycle Demonstration Unit is designed for studies of Vapor Compression refrigeration, the most common thermodynamic process of refrigeration systems. The system provides hands-on instruction and comprehensive understanding of the heat transfer processes in the refrigeration cycle. Thermodynamic analyses, calculations, and plotting diagrams of the refrigeration cycle, heat transfer, and performance are made by recording temperatures, pressures, and flow rates.
Model Number: RAD-RCD-1

Advance Air-Con Studies
Refrigeration Laboratory Unit

The vapor compression refrigeration cycle is used in many industrial, medical and domestic situations throughout the world. This unit has been designed to allow students to fully investigate the performance of a vapour compression cycle under various conditions of evaporator load and condenser pressure. All of the relevant parameters are instrumented and the unit is completely safe for operation by students.
Model Number: RAD-RLU-1

Refrigeration and A/C Simulation & Training System

These simulation systems have been developed for training technicians in the overall operation and performance of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. A variety of systems and applications are covered by our simulators which introduce students to simple and complex systems that might otherwise be too large for the classroom. Each simulator is designed to give real-time performance that functions the same as the actual units.
Model Number: RAD-SIM SERIES

Vortex Tube Refrigeration Trainer

Labtech’s Vortex Tube Refrigeration Trainer is designed to demonstrate the operation and the performance of Vortex Tube. The Vortex Tube is an interesting device in which a compressed gas (usually air) is divided into two streams at a lower pressure. One of these streams cam be about 25 to 50 degrees colder while the other is about 25 to 50 degrees hotter than the compressed gas supplied.
Model Number: RAD-VTR-1

Steam Jet Refrigeration System

This bench top unit has a steam jet thermo compressor instead of a mechanical compressor, with the advantage that any heat source can be used to produce the steam that drives the process. The unit has a refrigerant circuit and a vapor circuit that are connected via a condenser and steam ejector. Both the evaporator and steam generator are heated electrically. The evaporator and condenser are transparent so the processes can be clearly observed.
Model Number: RAD-STJ SERIES

Basic Air Conditioning Laboratory

The Basic Air Conditioning Laboratory is arranged on a vertical panel together with the basic condensing unit. The Unit demonstrates the principle of air cooling in a room as well as provide clear observation of the air conditioning components. A transparent air duct with air fan and evaporator (cooling heat exchanger) is provided to simulate a basic domestic indoor unit.
Model Number: RAD-BAC-B