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Energy Conservation & Controls

Posted By Labtech Penta International

Basic Electrical Conversion & Batteries Trainer

This trainer enables the students to explorehow electrical conversions are made for renewable energy systems. It gives a good fundamental background to solar and wind systems as well as fuel cells for conversion applications. Power generated through renewable energy sources often has to be converted before it can be used or stored. In some systems multiple conversions occur. Students will learn what types of conversions are typically done for green technology areas and how they function.
Model Number: LLC-BEC

Demonstration Set of Electrophysical & Electrotechnical

This Demonstration Set of Electrophysical & Electrotechnical Principles Trainer is a modular course covering the concepts, theory and applications of basic electricity and electronics that are required for technicians and provide a good background for renewable energy studies.
Model Number: EFT-EET-X

Renewable Energy & Power Electronics

This Renewable Energy & Power Electronics Trainer is designed to provide studies about electrical power electronic circuits that are used in many applications for renewable energy, control and conversion of electric power.
Model Number: EFT-RPE-1

Home Renewable Energy Simulator

The Home Renewable Energy Simulator Systems is designed to provide practical training on the aspectsof home renewable installation, safety practices, and measuring methods.
Model Number: LES-EIS-4