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Energy Recovery & Conversion

Posted By Labtech Penta International

Steam Jet Refrigeration System Trainer

This trainer enables student to understand the basic and component of steam jet refrigeration system. Understanding the performnace of Steam Jet Educator system with variable primary motive pressure, performancethe refrigeration while under load effect, and the effect of varying condenser water flowrate to the evaporator temperature. Student can study the energy balance and thermodynamic cycle and can perform evacuating and charging procedure for the system.
Model Number: RAD-STJ-SERIES

Vortex Tube Refrigeration Trainer

This trainer is designed to do demonstration of principle to produce hot & cold air from a device with no moving parts. Calculate of performance curves for a vortex tube with variation of inlet pressure, hot and cold gas ratios and gas (if available). Determine of refrigeration effect & comparison of this with the estimated power needed to drive the compressor.
Model Number: RAD-VTR-1