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Micro Hydro

Posted By Labtech Penta International

Hydro Generation

This trainer is designed to enable students to learn about micro hydro systems as a form of alternative energy power generation. Learning operate, set one up, controlled, storage and distribution of power and basic electrical power generation and protection systems.Study of hydroelectric power and micro-generation concepts. Power as function of water flow rate and difference in height of the hydraulic pipe.
Model Number: LLC-MHY

Pelton Turbine Trainer

This trainer is designed to enable students to study the performance of a Pelton Turbine. To determine the characteristic curves of a Pelton Turbine operating at a different fluid flow rates with high head. Torque vs speed at various heads and flow rates. Power output vs speed for various heads and flow rates. Efficiency vs speed for a given head and flow rate. Data acquisition hardware and software.
Model Number: LLC-PTT-1

Sectioned Hydro Generation

This item is an original Hydro Generation which has been carefully sectioned to expose all key operational parts. It is ideal for demonstrating to students the function and operation of Hydro Generation. The sectioned areas on the Generator fully show the internal workings of a Hydro Generation. All sectioned parts should be carefully painted and color coded so as to aid in the understanding of the system. The unit come with a color diagram chart that identifies all the parts. This chart is also provided in poster size for classroom
Model Number: LLC-MHY-S