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Solar Photovoltaic

Posted By Labtech Penta International

Close Loop Solar Thermal Troubleshooting

This trainer enables students to understand close-loop solar thermal, connection, operation, programming, and troubleshooting of both drainback and pressurized systems. The trainer at least 11 industry skills covering applications of open-loop solar thermal systems, including skills for doing operation, performance analysis, programming, configuration, and troubleshooting. This system supports the learning necessary for student preparation for the ERC test for Certified Solar Thermal System Installer.
Model Number: LLC-SOL-BX

Indoor High Intensity Lamp For Panels

Used to provide simulated “Sun” sources for the photovoltaic solar modules that are used in Solar Training Systems. This enables the training systems to be used indoor as this light source will replace the sun for generating PV power. This unit adds convinience to the classroom workshop as experiments can be done indoors, even on cloudy days. The intensity of the light can be adjusted either manually or automatically.
Model Number: LLC-HIL-1

Multiple Solar Panel Demonstrator

Multiple Solar Cell Module Trainer explores a Solar PV system that has multiple solar panels all linked together to form an integrated power system. Panel direction towards the sun light and its effect to Solar Cell output. Covered and uncovered Multiple Solar Cells and its effect to the total output voltage.
Model Number: LBM-SOL-3

Solar Energy Demonstrator

Introduce students to the generation of electrical power from the sun via solar photovoltaic cells. Study of electrical solar energy technology by explaining how the solar cells work, battery storage techniques and conversion from DC to AC power.
Model Number: LBM-SOL-2

Solar Energy Panel Installation Kit

This practical kit exercise guides the students to configure, assembly and install Solar Energy Panel. Students are expected to assembly solar energy panel system by connecting the electrical components with proper wiring and connection.
Model Number: LEW-EIK-SOL1

Solar Panel System Installation Kits

Familiarization of solar cell installation procedure and safety. Reading an technical drawing of electrical diagram and cisrcuit. Understanding operation and perform installation of PV Solar Cell, Charger Controller, Inverter and battery for energy storage.
Model Number: LEW-EIK-SL

Solar Power Street Light Trainer

The Solar Power Street Light Trainer is specifically designed tool to study of solar powered street lights, it covers their operation and construction of such systems. This trainer studies a typical solar generating system which converts solar to electric energy by using a solar cell plate for being used in powering a high energy efficient light with high output but low power requirements.
Model Number: LLC-SST-1

Solar PV Installation Training System

Solar PV Installation Training System is designed to introduced to the installation and commissioning of grid interactive and stand-alone photovoltaic systems for commercial and residential applications. Understanding to develop and implement a site layout; calculate PV circuit voltage and currents; select and install wiring; and install real world components in PV systems.
Model Number: LLC-SIU-A

Solar PV Maintenance Training System

This Solar PV Maintenance Training System allows students to develop the specialized skills and knowledge needed for working with the common types of PV systems. The trainer teaches connection, operation, programming and troubleshooting of AC/DC and grid-connected systems.
Model Number: LLC-STU-A

Solar Tracking Control Trainer

Understand the principles of Solar Tracking System. Study of The Angles Control Depending with Light Sensor. Microcontroller to Control Solar Tracking. Software Programming of Microcontroller for Solar Tracking. Miniaturized solar tracking system with a PLC controller.
Model Number: LLC-STC-1