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Wind Generation

Posted By Labtech Penta International

Solar & Wind Energy Trainer

This Solar and Wind Energy bench allows studying the major elements of solar power generation and wind power generation in one training system. They can work separately or together to form a small power generation eco-system. Equipped with programmable speed control for the wind generator that will simulate different production scenarios and wind speeds.
Model Number: LLC-SWD-1

Wind Energy Demonstration Trainer Panel Trainer

Facilities the study of the operational elemnts of a wind turbine and how they are constructed. Equipped with a programmable wind power system that will simulate different weather. Wind speed scenarios as as to observe the operation of the wind generator under various conditions. Can be connected to other Labtech Grentech training systems to for a renewable energy production network which can be integrated with the power generation grid.
Model Number: LLC-WED-1

Wind Turbine Nacelle Trainer

The Wind Turbine Nacelle Trainer is a complete scaled down version of a commercial wiring wind turbine nascele. Comprehensive demonstrator is an excelent substitute for expensive real equipment. Learning system designed to teach opeartion, startup, shutdown troubleshooting, and maintenance of utility scale wind turbine nacelle systems.
Model Number: LLC-WNT-1X

Wind Turbine Panel Installation Kit

This practical kit exercise guides the students to configure, assembly, install and test Wind Turbine Systems. The will also learn how to design installations for wind turbines; how to connect the wind turbine to Ac inverter and storage devices; how to connect the wind turbine to protective control and monitoring devices; how to use and connect to a Grid-Tie inverter.
Model Number: LEW-EIK-WTT1

Wind Turbine Training System

This Training System is designed to aid the students in understanding of the concepts and principles of wind turbines and their applications. The training system consists of a demonstration apparatus mounted on to a Bench top Training system which has all the operational working components on clear display for operation and demonstration.
Model Number: LLC-WTT-1