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Labtech Webinar with Colombo Plan Staff College – Digital Technology and E-Based Learning in TVET

Labtech Academy Labtech Virtual Learning Program Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Labtech Webinar with Colombo Plan Staff College – Digital Technology and E-Based Learning in TVET

Posted By Labtech Penta International

We just did a webinar yesterday with the Colombo Plan Staff College. They are an International Governmental Organization that is funded by member countries to support training and staff development in about 16 countries. They are very active in the TVET area and we often collaborate with them.



During the session we had about 700 educators from member countries online (150 on the platform and the rest on YouTube). Today the views are over 4,000 just since yesterday. The session was themed on digital learning for TVET to update them on new developments and potentials.

In this video we discuss the Labtech Virtual TVET approach to digital learning and we demo some of our new online systems. In the first part I talk about using digital technology for TVET and the educational framework for our Labtech Virtual TVET program. This is then followed by a live demonstration done by Brad. This was followed by some discussion on some selected questions asked by the viewers and finally the webinar ended with a summary by Dr. Ramhari, the Director General of CPSC.

Kindly visit our website to get more information about Labtech Academy Virtual TVET Online https://labtech-academy.com/

For further information please contact
Dr Steven McKee : President – steve@labtech.org
Brad Ker : Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Africa. Virtual TVET Programs – brad@labtech.org
Indra Lugianto: Marketing and Technical Support – indra.lugianto@labtech.org
Shafiek Sultan : Asia – shafiek@labtech.org
Shahrir Shafiek : Malaysia – shahrir@labtech.org
Deepak Mehrotra : India, Nepal – deepak@labtech.org
Dody Budhiwaskito : Indonesia – dody@labtech.org
Steven Hicks : USA and Canada – sjayhicks@gmail.com
Arnaud Delvaux : Latin America, Europe & French Speaking Africa

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Written by Labtech Penta International