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How to use Google Translate with the Labtech Academy

Labtech Academy Labtech Virtual Learning Program Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

How to use Google Translate with the Labtech Academy

Posted By Labtech Penta International

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted a number of problems with the global educational community. We have seen massive amounts of students and teachers out of school due to global school closures. Many countries now understanding that digital learning and online learning are powerful and flexible tools that can assist during times like this but also they can make our educational systems better and more flexible in the future during “normal times”. In the past there has been resistance to adopting digital learning as a “mainstream” feature of education. As the world marches into the future it will face many challenges from the health side, economic side and also from technological transformation.  Digital online learning can be a strong and central pillar in dealing with this constant change and disruption.

For a few years now, Labtech has been at the forefront of pioneering digital learning for TVET.  In truth, there are very few good solutions in this area and we have one of the best available. So during this crisis Labtech has not only continued operation and working with our partners to fulfil our traditional business  of delivering wonderful hands-on training equipment but we are pushing our development further into the digital learning.

We would like to ask for your active support and to work with us to HELP both teachers and students by putting this link below (or the attachment) on your websites so we can support the learners in your region. If you can also contact your National Ministries of Education and vocational Education, National Associations and even major educational institutions so they can put this link on their website and allow both their students and teachers to have free access for this time.   Teachers can use this with their students to provide them with the latest generation of technical learning content.  Also they can use our content for their lectures and session with the students if they are online with programs like Zoom. It makes for entertaining and engaging learning.

Link to the Registration Page with free access:

Link for the Main Labtech Academy home Page.


We would also be very happy to arrange a live webinar with yourself and the relevant high officials to discuss further the delivery of 21st century learning and the relevance to Industry 4.0. We can also provide any support documents or letters that you may need.

Please let us have a link to any organization or institution that you are able to get them to list our website links, so that we know where to expect the learners from. We can also for some clients, track their participants and provide them with data, feedback and to conduct surveys about the usage.

We hope that you and your family are all safe and healthy.

Stay safe, Stay healthy, Stay engaged.

For further information please contact
Dr Steven McKee : President – steve@labtech.org
Brad Ker : Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Africa. Virtual TVET Programs – brad@labtech.org
Indra Lugianto: Marketing and Technical Support – indra.lugianto@labtech.org
Shafiek Sultan : Asia – shafiek@labtech.org
Shahrir Shafiek : Malaysia – shahrir@labtech.org
Deepak Mehrotra : India, Nepal – deepak@labtech.org
Dody Budhiwaskito : Indonesia – dody@labtech.org
Steven Hicks : USA and Canada – sjayhicks@gmail.com
Arnaud Delvaux : Latin America, Europe & French Speaking Africa

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Written by Labtech Penta International