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Mr Brad Ker speaks on Webinar : Develop Online Learning Management System for TVET Institute – CPSC

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Mr Brad Ker speaks on Webinar : Develop Online Learning Management System for TVET Institute – CPSC

Posted By Labtech Penta International

COVID-19 could be the mega maleficent of the 21st Century with almost all countries shutting TVET institutions to break the chain of transmission. However, the training and education of our youth has to continue because staying idle is contrary to the constitutional foundation of civil societies.

The outbreak of coronavirus disease was recorded rising in the world since December 2019. As a result some institutions started offering online education to their students, the majority of the students have not yet benefited from distance learning. Since youth are our human capital, we must use alternative way to offer education to them in order to continue their learning.

In April 2020, a rapid assessment survey conducted by the ILO-UNESCO-WBG on TVET and described the current state of TVET during COVID-19 period. In this report, current TVET trends highlighted and stated that the TVET sector should have 4E (E-Content, E-Learning, Education Technology and Entrepreneurship).

The report also highlighted the gaps in TVET during the current situation. The one of the gaps is to provide continuous training to TVET providers to facilitate the development and delivery of their online session. It is also emphasized that TVET has to empower TVET providers to develop their own e-Learning system.

In this context, Colombo Plan Staff College is planning to organize a webinar on “Develop Online Learning Management System for TVET Institute”. This webinar will be dedicated to CPSC member countries TVET practitioners to build the capacity on how to develop and setup a learning management system for a TVET institute by using Moodle. The main purpose of this webinar is to share simple steps to setup online course management, course administration and users profile etc. The online Moodle application is the best tool to build native learning management system without programming skills. After completion of this webinar, the participants are able to create and setup their own Moodle. The outcome will be aligned different interpretations and expectations of digital innovation concept from the various stakeholders’ perspectives.

One of the experts who spoke at this webinar was Mr Brad Ker who is a Digital Program Executive & Blended Learning Specialist at Labtech International, ltd. We developed labtech-academy.com for Transforming TVET with 3D Gaming Technology for Interactive Learning. Labtech is one of the largest technical education (TVET) providers in the world established since 1990. This online learning site features a new generation of advanced interactive and graphic rich content for technical and vocational education subjects.

It is meant to be used by individual learners that may be already taking courses at their local institutions. It can also be used for reskilling for a new job or even if you are just curious and want to acquire new knowledge and skills.

Teachers can also use this site to supplement their existing learning materials for their students.

For more information about this webinar, please click Colombo Plan Staff College – Develop Online Learning Management System for TVET Institute

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Written by Labtech Penta International