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The Instructors of The national Training Centre for Vocational Education in SENA Colombia

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The Instructors of The national Training Centre for Vocational Education in SENA Colombia

Posted By Labtech Penta International

The instructors of the national training centre for vocational education in #Colombia (#SENA), campus Dosquebradas have started their training program on the #LabtechInternational Pneumatic Air Brake trainer (BS-CB1-T) and Automotive Electrical Test Bench (ES-ETB-2S), which will be soon followed by our Online Academy programs to support the institution during the pandemic. For more details contact our Marketing Manager Arnaud Delvaux on Linkedln.

Pneumatic Air Brake trainer, BS-CB1-T

This Pneumatic Air Brake Trainer provides a comprehensive system whereby the student may study and understand the principles, operational theory and maintenance of air brake systems found on trucks or large vehicles. Original components are used through out the trainer and they feature quick connection couplings with color-coded pneumatic hoses. This enables the instructor to guide the student rapidly through his exercises and examination.

The trainer includes all the major components as found on trucks and heavy vehicles so as to form a complete braking system circuit. A color chart showing the brake system circuit is mounted onto the trainer for reference.

The components are attached to panels, which are mounted on a mobile trolley. Two panels are included, one to simulate the truck (tractor) and the other for the trailer. Brake drums can be rotated and have been sectioned to show the active components. This enables easy demonstration of vehicle movement and braking by being able to see the brake shoe movement and contact to brake drums.

Automotive Electrical Test Bench, ES-ETB-2S

A versatile test bench for electrical testing of various engine components including starter motors, alternators and generators. This unit can be used for either demonstration and/or testing purposes to enhance student diagnostic and fault finding skills. The system is specially designed to aid the student in the proper connection and operation of alternators and generators.

The test bench features a 3 Kw electrical motor drive system for alternators and generators. Rotation is accomplished by a stepped V-Belt pulley system (S) or alternatively a variable speed drive system (V) which allows several speeds. The bottom part of the bench is used for the testing and working area with the upper part featuring the controls and test meters. An easy clamping mechanism allows for secure fixing of parts under testing. Units includes a 12 VDC and 24 VDC power source, ammeter, voltmeter, regulator. A brake type unit provides a load for starter motor testing which is featured on model ES-ETB-2. Load for alterna¬tors and generators can be plugged in through special input terminals from an external source so that the alternator or generator under test can power the other Labtech electrical trainers to complete the testing program. Load unit is also available as model ES-ETB-A Tachometer is available for measur¬ing the rotation speed as model ES-ETB-B.

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Written by Labtech Penta International