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REGISTER for FREE! Embracing Digital Learning in TVET with President Emeritus of Worlddidac

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REGISTER for FREE! Embracing Digital Learning in TVET with President Emeritus of Worlddidac

Posted By Labtech Penta International

In these days of education emerging from the shadow of COVID, please join Dr Steven McKee who will be moderating a special panel at the upcoming Asian Development Bank Skills Forum. The panel is about “Embracing Digital Learning in TVET” and is organized by Worlddidac. We will discuss how COVID has and is changing TVET, the rush to Digital learning, review of relevant best practices, real examples and case studies, the issues and challenges as well as how to implement digital learning effectively for TVET. We have special guests on our panel from Intel, Dir Gen of SEAMEO, Dir Gen of CPSC, as well as Worlddidac members from Lincoln Electric, FESTO and Labtech. Opening Session will be from Danny Gauch (Worlddidac CEO) and Dr. Nader Imani (Worlddidac President) and moderated by Dr Steven McKee (President Emeritus, Worlddidac). All interested persons can use QR code to register to watch the event on August 25th 4:30 to 6:00 pm Manila time or 10:30 am to 12:00 noon Central European time.


Or you can also simply click the registration button and fill out the form.


Dr. Steven Mckee, President Emeritus of Worlddidac and CEO of Labtech International Ltd, Indonesia

Dr. McKee is the President Emeritus of World Didac Association (the largest international education industry association). He has been a member of the governing executive council of World Didac since 2012 and feels it is an honor, privilege and a duty to support Worlddidac so that it can grow and to have a larger impact on the world of education and to stimulate new innovation and adoption of forward looking practices to match with our changing world. Dr. McKee is the President and founder of Labtech International, Founded in 1985, Labtech is perhaps the oldest and certainly one of the largest technical education designers and manufacturers that is based in Asia. It is renowned for its educational innovation and has thousands of schools as clients in over 80 countries. Labtech’s latest work is in pioneering the intersection of digital learning and 21st century skills with Vocational Technical Education. This area has a great potential to improve the dynamics of teaching and learning for skills as well as reducing the cost of TVET education ar ound the world by virtualizing part of the learning process. He is recognized as being one of the leading global practitioners and innovators for TVET and digital learning. Dr. McKee has worked in international educational development for forty years and has published many articles on educational development, 21st century Learning, teaching and innovation in various academic and educational publications. He is also an advisor to several governments on implementation of new TVET programs to use technology for teaching and learning. In 2019 he 4spoke and participated in approximately 20 educational conferences and events worldwide. In 2020 he has participated in many online and virtual conferences talking about online and digital learning and providing real examples of how this can be done in the TVET sector.

The International Skills Forum itself is ADB’s flagship event in education that is held every two years.  In 2021, the  9th International Skills Forum: Reimagining Education and Skills Development for a New Normal will highlight approaches to:

  • Improving learning for all at scale;
  • Preparing learners with better employability and 21st century skills; and
  • Forging smart partnerships to reimagine education reforms for a new normal drawing on lessons learned from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The forum aims to:

  • Showcase transformational practices in K–12, technical and vocational education and training, and higher education to ensure learning and employability;
  • Bring together representatives from government, private sector and other development partners involved in education and training to present innovative good practices;
  • Ensure skills development is guided by evidence;
  • Inspire experts and developing member country counterparts, and promote collaboration with key stakeholders to incorporate new approaches to design and implement innovative projects and programs in education and training.

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Written by Labtech Penta International