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Dr Steve and Mr Deepak Will be Speaking at National Conference on March 25th-26th in India

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Dr Steve and Mr Deepak Will be Speaking at National Conference on March 25th-26th in India

Posted By Labtech Penta International

Vocational Education and Training (VET) system is recognized to prepare and develop skilled manpower to meet the growing demands of labour market. VET focuses on specific job roles and imparts the practical knowledge and skills, which allow individuals to engage in specific occupational activity. It is not only vital for providing employment opportunities to individuals but also helps in enhancing the productivity in industries. Vocational education and training are indispensable instruments for improving labour mobility, adaptability and productivity, thus contributing in enhancing industry’s competitiveness and readdressing labour market imbalances.

The PSS Central Institute of Vocational Education (PSSCIVE) is convening a two-day National Conference on Transforming VET for Excellence against the background of the emerging challenges to VET. The conference aims to create a platform for the academicians and practitioners to exchange innovative ideas and experience, encompassing professional development of VET teachers, vertical mobility, assessment, skills certification and strengthening cooperation among stakeholders for developing future workforce. This can be achieved by strengthening the VET system.


  1. To provide insights to policy makers, VET providers and educationists into the future trends in the workforce development;
  2. To share experiences and innovative practices on excellence in the VET system;
  3. and To elucidate different strategies and approaches towards successful diffusion of excellence within VET system.


The key thematic areas of significance for deliberation in relation to VET include the following:

  1. Future Trends in Vocational Education and Training and the World of Work.
  2. VET Transformation : Policies and Issues.
  3. Institutional Development for Achieving Excellence in VET.
  4. Professional Development of Teachers for Promoting VET Excellence in Schools.
  5. NEP 2020: Strategic Priorities for VET in India.
  6. Cross-sharing of Experiences, Good Practices and Approaches of VET Excellence.



Keynote Presenter: Dr. Steven McKee

President Emeritus of Worlddidac (www.worlddidac.org )

President Labtech International Limited (www.labtech.org )

LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/stevenmckee

“Emerging Trends in the World of Work Impacting TVET”




Keynote Presenter: Mr Deepak Mehrotra

Regional Marketing Manager Labtech International Limited India (www.labtech.org )

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deepak-mehrotra-49433018/

“New-age Vocational Education System in 21St Century”



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Written by Labtech Penta International